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Musical  Theatre



As a member of the Double Dozen, students will learn solo performance techniques while preparing four full scale productions throughout the year.  Various levels of dance training and stage presence will be taught and developed.


Students are expected to have appropriate attire and footwear for class each day.

This course features an emphasis on performing arts education and careers post high school, though all elements are adaptable to other academic and employment plans.

Participation in the following performances is required:

 - Winter Concert

 - Broadway Dessert Cabaret

 - Spring Concert


Other public appearances are available upon request.



Music Careers

So You Want to be a

Music Major??


Ballet - basic positions and barre, beginner traveling steps (commonly referred to as "across the floor"), turns

Tap - beginner basics - shuffle, flap, ball change, stamp, and combinations

Music Business - resume building, headshots, website creation, performance reel, audition book, audition etiquette

Optional - National Festival Chorus eligibility

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