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Music Theory I &  II


This course will introduce students to reading and writing musical notation, integrating rhythm, melody, harmony, texture, form, and music analysis.  Composition techniques will be explored on an elementary level in conjunction with history and style.

Aural theory skills including dictation will be incorporated daily.

Students with instrumental and vocal backgrounds are highly encouraged to incorporate those skills into class times for practical application.  Furthermore, basic, practical keyboard skills will be taught to enhance comprehension.

This course is a self motivated class and will require daily note taking and neat handwriting skills. 

All students MUST have pencils and 3 ring binder (may be combined with other MUSIC courses only).



Music Careers

So You Want to be a

Music Major??


Basics of Notation - Explore fundamentals of Western notation.  Aural theory - rhythmic notation.

Scales and Key Signatures - Reading and writing various scale patterns, major and minor key signatures.

Intervals - Identification and composition.  Aural theory - interval identification.

Chords - Identification and composition.  Inversions and seventh chords.  Aural theory - melodic dictation.

Cadences and Non Harmonic Tones - Identification and composition.  Analysis.  Aural theory - melodic dictation.

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